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Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. member of Remontowa Holding S.A. - global leader in design and construction of innovative vessels.

During our 77 years of activity we have built over 1040 vessels. Among them are car passenger ferries, offshore support vessels, navy ships, multipurpose vessels, cargo vessels and fishing vessels.

Vessels built in our Shipyard are distinguished by their high quality and innovative features.

One of our main specialities is building modern car passenger ferries with different types of propulsion. Over the past twenty years we have delivered 47 ferries including 15 powered by LNG and 6 running on batteries. They are appreciated both by owners and operators, as well as passengers.

Quality, high standard and timely delivery keep our clients coming back with new orders. One example of that is BC Ferries – the largest ferry operator in North America – for whom Remontowa Shipbuilding delivered three double ended Dual Fuel car passenger ferries back in 2017. 

Recognizing the quality of the design and construction, as well as operational excellence of the delivered vessels, BC Ferries returned with a new order for another, fourth ferry in 2019.

The ferries are powered by LNG, which significantly reduces CO2 and NOx emissions and almost eliminates SOx and PM emissions. The optimized hull shape and sophisticated electric propulsion ensure low hydrodynamic resistance and low-noise, fuel-efficient navigation.

The ferries, capable of carrying up to 150 vehicles and 600 passengers, serve the Southern Gulf Islands in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Another example of a successful long term cooperation is the relation with the leading Norwegian ferry operator Norled. Norled’s fleet consists of abt. 80 ferries of which 8 have been built in Remontowa Shipbuilding.

The latest series of vessels delivered to Norled by our Shipyard in 2020-2021 included four hybrid, battery-powered double ended car passenger ferries.

They represent a new generation of ferries that meet stringent international regulations with regards to harmful and GHG emissions. In fact, they are the most energy efficient vessels in their class which is a result of a number of energy saving solutions incorporated onboard (covering systems such as e.g. HVAC, lighting, control of pumps, etc.) and, above all, the state-of-the-art Diesel electric hybrid system. In normal operation, all required power is drawn from two battery packs. These are recharged from the shore grid during unloading/loading, which typically takes about 11 minutes. A fast charging solution is therefore used to ensure that the batteries maintain their required state of charge. The ferries operate in the area of Norwegian fiords serving four local connections. First ship from this series – Festøya – has been awarded the Shippax Award 2021 being the most prestigious award in the combined ferry, ro-ro and cruise industry.

This adds to the long list of awards that vessels built in Remontowa Shipbuilding have been recognized with. Among them are e.g. the special award of the Minister of National Defence of Poland for ORP Albatros, second in a series of non-magnetic mine hunters built for the Polish Navy, and Baird Maritime’s Best Multipurpose Workboat of 2020 award for Zodiak II and Planeta I, two multipurpose (icebreaking, towing, fire-fighting, oil recovery, hydrographic) vessels delivered for Polish Maritime Authorities in Szczecin and Gdynia.

We are very proud of our achievements and look forward to taking up new challenges in the future.

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