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LR launches Decarbonisation Hub  

The mission of the Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub is to accelerate the sustainable decarbonisation of the maritime industry, by enabling the delivery and operation of safe, technically feasible and commercially viable zero-emission vessels by 2030.

The shipping industry needs leadership, collaboration and evidence-based direction to achieve its decarbonisation goals. The Maritime Decarbonisation Hub will create and share evidence, insight and knowledge about the transition to a decarbonised world fleet.

The Hub will work in partnership with other forward-looking organisations to deliver credible thought leadership to the entire industry - regulators, policy makers, investors, owners, operators, charterers and customers. It will demonstrate the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks of potential pathways to decarbonise.

Collaboration between stakeholders from across the shipping value chain is crucial to ensuring the industry can navigate the energy transition safely and sustainably. Lloyd’s Register and Lloyd’s Register Foundation are already partnering in collaborative initiatives and partnerships which will be strengthen by the Maritime Decarbonisation Hub.

To learn more about the Decarbonisation Hub here:

Cloud Fleet Manager

In today’s intensely competitive shipping market, fleet owners must innovate to deliver greater productivity and drive down costs. TheCloud Fleet Manager ERP platform is custom-built to serve this complex and safety-critical sector, giving you the digital infrastructure to improve everything from crewing to fuel consumption.

Many international ship owners rely on Cloud Fleet Manager as their core information, communication and collaboration platform. Office employees and crews at sea share common processes and reliable data regardless of location to improve how the whole company does business.

To learn more about Cloud Fleet Manager, visit our page here:

SHIELD from Lloyd’s Register

Maintain the highest health standards at sea with Lloyd’s Register.

Our innovative solutions can help you improve protection against the spread of infectious diseases for even safer operations.

Going beyond compliance.

Detailed survey and inspection of key areas where health risks are elevated, giving you an even greater level of confidence for risk mitigation.

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