About the Canadian Ferry Association

The Canadian Ferry Association (CFA) is the national voice of the ferry industry in Canada. Our members adhere to the highest professional and operational standards and promote the safe delivery of ferry services across Canada.

CFA is a member-based organization representing Canadian ferry owners, operators and industry stakeholders across the country. CFA has more than 90 members, with our owner/operator members accounting for nearly all of the major ferry routes in Canada.

Ferries are an integral part of Canada’s transportation system. 
Collectively, CFA’s members:

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people directly EMPLOYED
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million passengers & vehicles annually

Mission Statement

CFA provides unified collaborative constructive dialogue between industry and government on issues concerning ferry operations and regulation in Canada, and offers ferry operators & industry a forum for frank, open exchange of information with the aim of providing safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible passenger vessel management now and in the future.

Vision Statement

To be the recognized leading advocate for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible ferry transportation in Canada and an active, innovative contributor to the advancement of passenger vessel management worldwide.