Transport Canada Updated Guidelines – Medical Certificates & Masks

Transport Canada has updated its Guidance Material for Essential Passenger Vessel and Ferry Operators in order to provide greater clarity surrounding passengers refusing to wear a mask for medical reasons. 

This issue was recently raised by CFA’s Board of Directors during a meeting with Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

Operators may now ask passengers to show their medical certificate if they are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons. 

Included within the revised Guidelines:

Operators of passenger and ferry vessels should, when feasible:

  1. Notify passengers before boarding that they may be subject to a health check to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Notify passengers when purchasing their ticket and before boarding that they should have a face covering to cover their mouth/nose, for use at times during their journey when they cannot physically distance from others (e.g., in washrooms or other common areas).
  3. Ask passengers to show their medical certificate if they can’t wear a mask due to medical reasons.
  4. Have the crew (or crew member) read out the announcement, provided below, prior to or on-board the vessel. Where this is not feasible, the operator should post equivalent signage.
  5. Conduct health checks for every passenger before boarding on voyages that are longer than 30 minutes, and advise every passenger that they are not to provide answers that they know to be false or misleading.


Full updated Guidelines are available here.