News: Town approves UNSM resolutions pertaining to support for ferry service

Vanguard - August 15, 2014

The UNSM will be asked to endorse resolutions calling on the provincial government to continue to provide funding for the Nova Scotia-New England ferry and calling on the federal government to recognize the crossing as an international highway link between Canada and the United States.

The resolutions, which will be brought forward to a meeting of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, were approved by Yarmouth town council at its Aug. 14 monthly meeting.

One resolution reads: ‘Be it resolved that the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities urge the Province of Nova Scotia to continue to financially support the continuation of the current Nova Scotia to New England Ferry service until such time that the viability of the service can be clearly ascertained.’

Such time, says Yarmouth town council, is not just one season.

Council also says the ferry service needs to be recognized as what it is, a Nova Scotia-New England ferry, and not just as a Yarmouth ferry, which many people see it as. Council says the ship carries passengers who visit and spend money in all parts of the province.

“It helps us, but other parts of the province benefit,” said Councillor Phil Mooney.

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