News: Princess of Acadia rescues injured fisherman

Digby Courier  -  June 8, 2015

SAINT JOHN – The crew of the Digby Saint John ferry rescued an injured fisherman last night.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax dispatched the Princess of Acadia to pick up a crewmember from the Compass Rose II in the Bay of Fundy about 5:30 p.m.

The JRCC Halifax tweeted at 8:19 p.m. that the ferry plus the Saint John Coast Guard boat Courtney Bay, plus a Cormorant and Hercules had all been dispatched.

But the Princess of Acadia was the closest ship to the fishing vessel and the crew used one of their lifeboats to make the transfer.

The transfer took place near the middle of the Bay of Fundy - 34 km from Digby and 43 kilometres from Saint John.

Capt. Liam Mather, spokesman for the JRCC said that a doctor and nurses happened to be on the Princess and were able to look after the man for the trip to Saint John.

The ferry arrived in Saint John about 8 p.m. where the injured fisherman was transferred to an ambulance.

The JRCC tweeted again about 8:26 p.m.:

“This is an excellent example of the #SAR system working with community assets to provide the #maritimecommunity with skilled SAR support.”

SAR stands for search and rescue.

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