News: Princess of Acadia ferry replacement named Fundy Rose

CBC - May 8, 2015

Fundy Rose will replace the 43-year-old Princess of Acadia on the ferry run between Saint John and Digby, N.S.

The name of the new ferry was revealed Friday.

The federal government had asked for the public's help to name the ferry. Fundy Rose is a combination of the top names submitted, officials said.

More than 1,100 submissions were received by the February deadline, said Saint John MP Rodney Weston and West Nova MP Greg Kerr, who made the announcement Friday on behalf of Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.

The first part of the name reflects the renowned tidal level of the Bay of Fundy, while the second part refers to Rose Fortune — a woman born into slavery, who was relocated to Annapolis Royal, N.S., after her family escaped the British colony of Virginia during the American Revolution and established a business transporting luggage from the ferry docks to hotels and homes via wheelbarrow.

Fortune eventually became known as the first female police officer in Canada — an unofficial title she earned by maintaining order and safeguarding property at the town's wharves.

"This combination name brings together the impressive uniqueness of the ocean location of the ferry service and the name of a prominent Maritimer who contributed significantly to life in this region in the 1700s," Raitt said in a statement.

The ferry, which was purchased from a Greek ferry operator for $44.6 million, was formerly known as Ithaki. The government had said it wanted a name with a more Maritime ring to it.

Fundy Rose, which is still being refitted, is expected to go into service by the end of June.

It will be faster and more efficient than the Princess of Acadia, and will offer improved amenities, including lounges and a cafeteria, officials have said.

Kerr described it Friday as a "wonderful, incredible ship."

The Princess of Acadia is expected to be put up for sale.

If a new owner can't be found, the old ship will likely be scrapped, officials have said.

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