News: Bay Ferries return crossings will be cheaper for groups of three or more in one car

Digby Courier - March 24, 2015

Bay Ferries posted a new set of fares on their webpage last week, which will increase some fares slightly and decrease others.

First the simple changes:

Babies and toddlers will travel for free on the Digby Saint John ferry starting April 1.

Children aged zero to five years used to pay $5 one-way and $10 return.

Also the no show fee of $25 has been eliminated.

And for commercial travellers, the changes are pretty straightforward: they have generally increased by about a $1 per 10 feet. For example, a 70-foot vehicle used to pay $374 plus the $50 fuel surcharge and will now pay $381 plus the $50 surcharge.

For passengers and non commercial vehicles the rate system has undergone a bigger change.

Bay Ferries used to offer a return rate for vehicles but now doesn’t, but now they do offer a return rate for all passengers, while previously that was only offered for walk-on passengers.

What that means is one way trips have risen in price slightly, return trips for cars with one or two people have gone up slightly, but fares for cars with three or more people in them have gone down moderately.

All together one adult travelling in a car up to 20 feet will pay $18 more for a return trip during peak season.

The adult used to pay $277: $88 as a passenger and $149 for the vehicle plus the $20 fuel surcharge two times. They now will pay $295: $75 as a passenger and $180 (two times $90) for the vehicle plus the $40 fuel surcharge.

However two adults making a return trip in a vehicle up to 20’ will only pay $5 more than last year.

Three adults in a car would pay $8 less this year.

A family of two adults and two youth making a return trip in a vehicle up to 20 feet will pay $11 less this year.

The camper and motorhome rate has remained unchanged at $8.50 per foot.

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