News: $17 million improvements to Belleville ferry terminal underway

CHEK News, Oct 27, 2015

The equipment is now in place at the Belleville ferry terminal, marking the beginning of long-awaited improvements to the properties.

The work begins with repairs to the wharves used by the MV Coho ferry.

The cost is being shared between the Province, the Black Ball Ferry Line and Clipper Navigation Limited.

It will involve replacement of the existing timber piles and deck structure with new steel pipe piles with a precast concrete deck.

It will also include a covered passenger walkway, a new vessel loading ramp and upgrades to the terminal parking area.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone formally announced the start of construction.

“The vast majority of people who enter Victoria, British Colombia and Canada do so through this entry point here on the two ferries, mostly from the United States.

It’s a critical entry point into our country.”

Plans for future improvements include easier access and a new terminal.

The Belleville terminal currently welcomes more than 675,000 people to the Inner Harbour each year, with an estimated economic impact of $180 million annually.

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