New Measures for Ferry Sector Aimed to Protect Communities, Passengers and Crews

New Measures for Ferry Sector Aimed to Protect Communities, Passengers and Crews

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, April 5, 2020 – The Canadian Ferry Association (CFA) is pleased with the new measures for the ferry sector as announced by the federal government today.  The measures are aimed to protect the health and safety of communities, passengers and crews by preventing people with COVID-19 symptoms from potentially spreading the virus while using the ferry system.

“The offices of Minister Garneau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland have taken this issue seriously and we are pleased with the actions they have taken on behalf of ferry passengers, crews and the communities we serve,” said CFA’s CEO Serge Buy.  “They demonstrated a willingness to work with, and understand, the sector and we thank them for that.”

CFA has been concerned that transportation measures previously announced focused solely on the airline and train sectors and excluded ferries, which also play a critical role in transporting Canadians and goods.  This has now been resolved thanks to the intervention of both Ministers.

The measures, outlined in the government’s news release, recognize the uniqueness of the sector and the diversity of the regions it serves.  The measures provide flexibility while not compromising health and safety.

For further information, contact CFA’s CEO, Serge Buy at or 613-720-1777.




In 2019, ferries in Canada transported about 55 million passengers, 22 million vehicles and billions of dollars of goods in communities throughout the country, from urban centres to remote regions.

The Canadian Ferry Association represents the sector and its members include eight provincial governments, large urban municipalities, First nations and Crown corporations and private corporations (such as BC Ferries).