Liferaft Systems Australia

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Liferaft Systems Australia Pty Ltd (LSA) is a dynamic, privately-owned company established in Hobart, Tasmania.

In 1992 LSA identified the need for a revolutionary approach to the design of Marine Evacuation Systems (MES).

The objective was simple: to design a more reliable MES which was easier to use and provided a faster yet safer evacuation for all. The result was the pioneering LSA inclined slide based dry shod Marine Evacuation System designed to deliver passengers and crew directly into large capacity liferafts.


LSA are the MES Specialists. 

LSA pioneered direct liferaft access inclined slide based MES in the early 1990s, and to this day only manufacture MES and large capacity liferafts. Designing, manufacturing and installing high quality, safe and reliable MES is our core business and our exclusive area of expertise. With over 25 years of design refinement, there are now over 600 LSA MES in service on passenger and personnel carrying vessels worldwide.

For more information please email your enquiry to: or call (604) 780 0016.