Glamox Inc. (Canada)

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Glamox Inc. (Canada) is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of quality marine lighting fixtures with a strong global network and a comprehensive range of lighting solutions, fulfilling all Commercial Marine, Ferry, Naval, Coast Guard, Workboat and Offshore Energy lighting requirements.

This includes all lighting for areas such as: passenger lounge/areas, cafeterias, gift shops, passenger cabins, crew spaces, car decks, viewing decks, machinery rooms, working spaces. A full range of exterior lighting fixtures are also available, including navigation lights; floodlights; searchlights (including LED versions and embedded camera options); linears; deck lights; hazardous area lighting.

Glamox Canada are part of the larger Glamox GMO group, which operates globally, and has 10 manufacturing facilities worldwide, including Canada.  Brands owned by Glamox include Aquasignal, Glamox, LINKSrechts, Luminell, Luxo, Norselight and others.

Predominant lighting manufacturer and supplier for marine projects across Canada

Glamox Canada have been selected for all NSS (National Shipbuilding Strategy) Federal new build programs currently underway.  This includes complete lighting packages for AOPS, JSS, OOSV, NLT projects under construction across Canada.  This is in addition to significant on-going LED upgrade programs for all existing Canadian Federal fleets (Navy, Coast Guard + others), as well as many ferries and commercial marine vessels.

New ferries built in Canada

As a Canadian manufacturer for over 30 years, Glamox Inc. are very proud to have supplied lighting for many Canadian Ferries across the country over the last few decades.  This includes more recent Canadian builds such as the 2 x STQ LNG Ferries completed at Davie, and the Baynes Sound Connector built for BC Ferries at Seaspan.

New ferries built overseas

Due to our global reach, Glamox have been very involved with Canadian New Build Ferries overseas for owners such as BC Ferries, Seaspan, Owen Sound Transportation & Government of NL.  This ensures that the lighting installed on a foreign build can be fully supported from within Canada by Glamox during the life of these vessels.

Retrofit / LED upgrading – existing Canadian Ferries

Glamox Inc. have been very pro-active in the development of marine LED technology over the years, and have worked with most major ferry operators in Canada, upgrading many ferries, both inside and outside of the ship, providing greater energy efficiency and reduced maintenance to the lighting on board, such as the ferries shown below:

Advanced lighting technologies – Light Management Systems (LMS)

Glamox are continuing to develop market leading and innovative solutions to provide the best marine lighting for passengers and crew alike.  To improve energy efficiency further, Glamox can also offer light management solutions in conjunction with LED lighting, providing up to 90% energy saving compared to conventional lighting.

With ‘connected’ lighting systems, other benefits may include fault indication and self diagnostics, integrated sensors for control, data collection such as heat mapping - detecting human movement over time, and other functionality.

Glamox - Sustainability

At Glamox, we are continuously working towards reducing the environmental footprint of our products and operation.  Our ambition is become a net-zero company by 2030.

Glamox - recent NB Ferry references

Hydra – Hydrogen powered ferry (

Viking Glory – Climate-Smart vessel (

SH Minerva - Ice Class Cruise Ships (

Color Hybrid - Largest plug-in hybrid vessel (

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Glamox Inc.

117 Glencoe Dr, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4S7

Ph:  (709) 753-2373