News: Pelee Island ferry service begins after cold weather delay

CBC - April 9, 2015

Cold weather delayed the start of the ferry service to Pelee Island for the second year in a row.

Ferry service to Pelee Island for the 2015 season began Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. when the first boat left Leamington toward Pelee Island.

Thursday morning's ferry departing Pelee Island to Leamington will leave at 7 a.m. not 8 a.m. as scheduled. All other departures will follow the scheduled times.

"Every year, we post that we're going to start the first of April.  And then of course we have to make the determination on start date based on the weather conditions and ice," said Susan Schrempf, spokesperson for the Owen Sound Transportation Company, which runs the ferry service.

"This is the second year in the row that ice has pushed us past the first of April."

The Pelee Islander will make the runs for the next three weeks.

The larger Jiimaan begins its season on May 1st.

Flights between the island and Windsor will wrap up Thursday.

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