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Set the course toward a more sustainable future by partnering with Elliott Bay Design Group. With almost a century of quality marine engineering and naval architecture experience, we understand the importance of keeping your fleet seaworthy. We offer end-to-end services, from feasibility through construction and operational support, so you’re prepared for the journey ahead. Our in-house experts help owners, operators, and shipyards rise to any challenge with confidence. And as an employee-owned firm, we’re fierce advocates for collaboration, integrating seamlessly into your team for unparalleled engagement and accountability. When overcoming our industry’s most difficult obstacles, we’ll always accomplish more together. From repairs to retrofits to first-of-their-kind vessels, we’re dedicated to giving you solutions that are better to build and better to operate.

EBDG is strongly committed to the ferry industry. We can point to a broad range of vessels in service from small cable ferries with a capacity of six autos to large double-ended ferries capable of transporting more than 360 vehicles. Our firm's success derives from a thorough understanding of passenger vessels, their technology and the needs of vessel operators as they plan, procure and maintain major assets such as ferry boats.

Alternative Propulsion

Many owners and operators have recognized the potential of alternative propulsion systems such as hybrid and electric power to operate their fleet of vessels more efficiently. Key drivers for this trend include US and international regulations, economic benefit, corporate responsibility efforts and concern for the environment.

EBDG Ferry Experience at a Glance

EBDG is actively involved in the design of fuel-efficient electric and hybrid vessels, amongst them short-run ferries poised to traverse our great nation waters. Our current work has given us insight into the latest technology and equipment, which is advancing at a record pace. Subsequently, we have relationships with hybrid and battery technology industry leaders from around the world.

EBDG's diesel-electric and hybrid propulsion design portfolio includes experience ranging from feasibility and proof-of-concept, through contract and detailed design work. Highlighted projects from this portfolio include:

Washington State Ferries | EBDG has been an integral part of the hybridization of the WSF fleet by (1) developing their Long Range Plan, which identified opportunities and benefits of fleet electrification and the costs associated, (2) preparing the System Electrification Plan, which detailed a plan for the fleet-wide deployment of hybrid electric vessels, (3) developing the initial cost-benefit analysis and comprehensive feasibility study of converting the Jumbo Mark II Class to hybrid propulsion, (4) developing a feasibility study and lifecycle cost analysis for the hybridization of the Olympic Class, and (5) supporting Vigor with functional design engineering services for the Hybrid Electric Olympic Class.

Texas Department of Transportation | EBDG provided contract design of a 161' x 52' diesel-electric passenger/vehicle ferry for TxDOT. The vessel has capacity to accommodate up to 28 vehicles and 149 passengers, and meets USCG Subchapter T regulations. EBDG worked with TxDOT through all stages of the project, beginning with establishing owners needs through concept design, contract design, construction as owner's representative, testing and delivery, and acceptance. Three vessels of this design are in operation.

Casco Bay Lines | EBDG prepared a propulsion selection study as part of the preliminary design efforts for the new hybrid-electric vehicle ferry for Casco Bay Lines. This study compared various propulsion systems ranging from diesel mechanical to all-electric based on capital cost, operating cost, reliability, serviceability, CO2 emissions and in port noise and exhaust generation. Casco Bay Lines selected a diesel/battery hybrid system with shore charging at the Portland terminal as the preferred option. EBDG then provided contract design for the ferry.  The ferry has now entered the construction phase at Senesco Marine and EBDG is providing technical support services to Casco Bay Lines as the ferry progresses through construction. The ferry is expected to enter operating service in 2024.

The Trust for Governor's Island | EBDG designed a 190' x 62' hybrid-electric passenger-vehicle ferry for Governors Island to provide transportation between the Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan and Soissons Landing. The vessel has capacity for 600 passengers and 220 LT of vehicle weight and meets USCG Subchapter K regulations. The ferry is now under construction at Conrad Shipyard in Louisiana, and is expected to enter service in 2024.

Louisiana Department of Transportation Development | EBDG provided contract design for two new 190' x 50' ferries to be operated in Cameron Parish located in Louisiana. The vessels will each have capacity for up to 34 vehicles, 265 passengers and 4 crew, and meet USCG Subchapter H regulations. The ferries are equipped with the Siemens Blue Drive ECO hybrid propulsion system, and while in hybrid mode, the battery management systems will maximize the usage of the onboard battery capacity for energy storage and will provide "peak-shaving" to reduce the demand on the diesel engines, resulting in lower exhaust emissions. The ferries are now under construction at ThomaSea, and EBDG will continue to provide construction support services to Louisiana DOTD through construction.

Not sure where to begin?

We suggest starting with a hybridization feasibility study to evaluate your specific route profile, shoreside infrastructure, capital costs, operating costs, emissions, and regulatory mandates that may impact the propulsion selection process. We work with our customers to understand the key motivators that will drive their decisions. EBDG has conducted multiple hybrid feasibility studies for vessel owners and operators.

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