COVID-19 Temporary Measures

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian health authorities have urged Canadians to engage in social-distancing in public areas to prevent further transmission of the virus across communities.

In response, the federal government has announced that Minister Garneau has approved a temporary measure that will enable ferry passengers to stay inside their vehicle, onboard the car decks, provided the operator can demonstrate that various safety measures have been put in place.

The decision to utilize this protocol ultimately rests with the Master of the Ferry.

Operators who chose to implement this protocol will have to confirm, in writing, to the Regional Director of Marine Safety and Security what measures are being taken to handle the additional pressure for emergency evacuation in case of an incident. They may advise and comment on the information you provide.

Acceptable measures could include (but not be limited to):

  • Disallowing higher risk vehicles to board at the same time (vehicles carrying dangerous goods, recreational/service vehicles with propane/acetylene cylinders, refrigerated trucks, etc.)
  • Implement special provisions for the mobility impaired.  (i.e., they need to remain on the open deck or top deck)
  • Prohibit smoking below deck
  • Limit car carriage capacity per voyage and/or implement additional distance requirements between cars on closed decks (to allow for easier evacuation)
  • Ensure continuous watch on closed decks
  • Supply additional crew to assist in evacuation
    • Operators are to confirm in writing that they have sufficient staff to handle the additional pressures that having passengers remain in their cars presents.
    • Operators would also need to consider weather conditions (i.e. high winds/turbulent seas may warrant that passengers not be allowed to remain in their vehicles.)

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