DSS Protection

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DSS Protection is a Canadian-owned and operated group of companies, with head office based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We provide lifesaving, environmental, and asset protection solutions to Canada’s commercial and recreational marine and aviation industries.

We have four sales and service stations across Canada, with teams of highly trained, certified, and mobile technicians across the country. Paired with 25 years of experience, we understand what it takes to have serviced, certified and operationally ready equipment.


Marine & Aviation Safety

Our lifesaving products are carefully selected for quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance.

Products include: Liferafts, rescue craft, marine evacuation systems, personal floatation, beacons, distress signals, searchlight and recovery systems, firefighting equipment, seating, and more.

Environmental Protection

We supply a wide range of systems designed to prevent, contain, recover, and store, oil and chemicals in a marine environment.

Products include: Spill kits, sorbents, boom, turbidity curtains, skimmers, pumps, & more.

Asset Protection

We supply equipment designed to protect marine assets and infrastructure, increase operational safety, and boost efficiencies.

Products include: Marine fenders & airbags, mooring & berthing equipment, aids to navigation, pile protection, & more.



A new addition to our FitzWright floatation line, this vest offers floatation AND increased visibility, with an opening in the back to accommodate most fall harnesses.

ANSI Compliant - Class II

Transport Canada Approved

T-ISS EV FireBlanket

The T-ISS FireBlanket isolates combustion-engine and EV car fires by depriving the oxygen inlet. The FireBlanket is reusable and can stand temperatures of 1600 °C for more than 50 hours.

Intelligent SearchLight System

Brand new technology in Canada! This Searchlight System will automatically track AIS signalling devices in a person-overboard scenario.


All companies under the DSS Group of Companies have rebranded to DSS Protection, effective October 1, 2022.

 The “DSS"  brand  has  strengthened  beyond  its  traditional  Marine  Safety  core  since inception  in  1998,  through  development  in  the  Aviation  Safety,  Environmental  Protection and Asset Protection industries. Changing our name to DSS Protection better positions us as Protectors of Lives & the Environment in each of the sectors and industries we serve, allowing key stakeholders a better understanding of who we are and all that we do.