COVID-19 - New Mask Guidelines from Transport Canada

April 17, 2020

The Canadian government introduced measures for non-medical masks or face coverings in the Canadian transportation system. 

It will mean that all air passengers will be required to wear non-medical masks or face-coverings to cover their mouth and nose during travel.

For ferries, operators will continue to have the choice:

  • By being able to enforce this measure when physical distancing is not possible (including by denying boarding to these who do not have masks), or
  • By not choosing to not enforce this measure when physical distancing is feasible.

Operators are encouraged to provide public messaging to travellers about the need to have non-medical masks or face coverings before and during their journey – if they can’t maintain physical distancing.  Our Association will put some social media messaging on this that can be used by operators.

To be clear: this measure does not include employees.  Operators are free to decide, on their own, if staff can or need to wear non-medical masks or face coverings.

Additionally, please find below various links from Transport Canada on the new guidelines related to non-medical masks and face coverings for passengers on ferries.

Please note that we will be tweeting, in both official languages, various social media messages related to this and other announcements as they are released.  You can find us on Twitter @canadianferry

1.       News Release (multimodal)

2.       Backgrounder (multimodal)

3.       Guidance document

4.       Poster – “Travel by Ferry or Water Taxi”

5.       Poster – “Face Coverings on Passenger Vessel and Ferries”

If you have any questions regarding the new regulations, please contact CFA CEO Serge Buy at