Consilium Marine & Safety Canada Inc.

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About Us

Consilium is producer of safety technologies for the marine, oil and gas, transport and building sectors. With representation in more than 55 countries in all time zones, we are always close to you.

Consilium has an installed base of 75,000 fire and gas detection systems in the marine, transport, oil & gas and building sectors. Our journey began in 1912, and since then we have been driven by innovation. In 1959 and 1967 we introduced our gas and fire detection systems, which have become important milestones.

CGS50/500 Gas sampling system

Gas sampling system automatically detects explosive and toxic gases. Meets IMO/SOLAS requirements and classification rules and can detect from 64 sampling points.

CGD50/500 Gas detection system

Gas single point detection system for explosive and toxic gases based on CCP platform. Designed to continually supervise the system and alert in case of malfunction.


Addressable fire alarm system and general alarm systems. Wall mounted cabinet (IP32) with built-in Control Panel M 4.3 and CCP communication modules

SMiG Safety Management System

Safety management by interactive graphics (SMiG) giving a clear view of safety-related systems and events onboard. Cuts time to action and simplifies maintenance.


The world’s first innovative multiple cable and pipe transit

Cable and pipe transits are primarily used for applications in hazardous maritime and offshore environments where the possibility of fire, explosions, water penetration or other danger poses a real threat, and where the rapid access to emergency services is limited or non-existent

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Consilium Marine & Safety Canada Inc.
102 – 1550 Hartley Ave. Coquitlam BC , V3K 7A1 Tel : 1 604-626-7317

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