Conference 2019

CFA 2019 Conference and Trade Show.

September 15 to 17, 2019.

Innovation in Customer Experience

THANK YOU to those of you who joined us in Saint John, New Brunswick and to our Conference Sponsors who made it possible.

A link to Conference presentations with permissions are below and you can view the full 2019 Conference Agenda here.

Presentation: IACS’ Role in Support of the International Maritime Community

  • Robert Ashdown, Secretary General, International Association of Classification Societies

Panel: Ferry Safety and Security: Addressing Today’s Challenges

CFA: A Year in Review

Panel: National Threat to Canadian Ferry Terminals, Routes and Ferries

  • Lyne Fournier, Manager for the Program Compliance, Enforcement and Oversight Unit, Transport Canada
  • Gary Stewart, Marine Transportation Security Inspector, Transport Canada

Technical Session: Damen Shipyards

Presentation: Transport Canada Update

  • Elisabeth Bertrand, A/Executive Director, Marine Personnel Certification and Standards

Panel: Elevating Services in Customer Experience

  • Andy MacLellan, President & CEO, VERB Interactive
  • Kim Campbell, Vice President of Operations, Blue Ocean Contact Centers
  • Jordan Fraser, President, BamText
  • Craig Wight, Managing Director, New Brunswick, Narrative Research

Technical Session: Wärtsilä

Panel: CFA Owner/Operator Members

  • Don Cormier, Vice President, Operations and Safety Manager, Northumberland Bay Ferries Limited
  • Greg Cuff, Director, Marine Services, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Gilles Gagné, Vice President, Immobilisations, Société des traversiers du Québec
  • John Majchrowicz, Manager, Marine Services, Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
  • Ian McIver, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Seaspan Ferries Corporation
  • Captin Jamie Marshall, Vice President, Business Development & Innovation, BC Ferries

Panel: New Technologies for Existing Vessels

  • Damian Coleman, Sales Manager, Glamox Inc.
  • Clayton Burry, President & Sales Director, Kongsberg Digital Simulation Ltd.
  • Tobia Isa, Marketing and Communications Manager, Aspin Kemp & Associates
  • Nicolas Lapointe, Senior Advisor, LNG Market Development, Énergir

Presentation: The Benefits of an Environmental Certification for Ferry Operators

Technical Session: Schottel Canada Inc.

  • Sylvain Robitaille, Regional Manager, Canada
  • Jörg Majewski, Team Manager

Panel: Training Crew to Meet Customer Needs

Technical Session: ABS

  • Gareth Burton, Vice President of Technology

Presentation: Elevating Customer Experience

  • Jessica Gillis, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience, Northumberland and Bay Ferries
  • Kaleena Johnson, Manager, Customer and Media Relations, Owen Sound Transportation Company

Presentation: Hybrid Conversions: Introduction to Hybrid Propulsion Systems

  • Larry Machak, Business Development Manager, American Traction Systems
  • Jon Diller, Business Development Manager, Spear Power Systems