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Cutting Edge Terminal Management System Built for Ferry/Ro-Ro in Canada

With over 35 years at the forefront of innovation for aviation and manufacturing, Brock Solutions is now leading the digital transformation of the port terminal industry. Our comprehensive Terminal Management System, SmartPort, is purpose-built for Ferry and Ro-Ro Port applications and provides end-to-end transparency and real-time insights into all aspects of terminal operations.

Gate Operations

Yard Management

Loading Management

Unlock Your Port’s Full Potential with Data-Driven Insights

From gate operations to yard and loading management and more, SmartPort integrates seamlessly with other systems and devices, such as ANPR cameras and digital signage, to create a fully connected and automated port environment. By providing real-time data and insights, SmartPort enables port operators to make informed decisions and streamline operations. SmartPort supports both passenger and freight vehicles, allowing for digital manifest reporting, enhanced port boundary visibility, and efficient loading operations.

Gate Operating System: Transactional Visibility on Every Vehicle

SmartPort’s Gate Operating System handles the operational processes around the checking and processing of vehicles into the port and onto a sailing. It contains all relevant workflows necessary to process different vehicle types through the check-in process and provides assignment of those vehicles onto sailings outbound from the port.

Yard Management: Streamlined Traffic Control & Vehicle Flow

This service manages the processes and data about the vehicles currently in the yard. It handles vehicle visits, events pertaining to a vehicle being seen by ANPR cameras, the gate operating system, or through manual data entry, and information about the vehicle's current location, lane, or parking.

Loading Management: Enhanced Precision and Productivity in Freight Handling

SmartPort's Loading Management module optimizes the handling of freight onto vessels by providing a dynamic, real-time list of vehicles for loading. The list updates automatically based on booking changes, operational shifts, and loading progress to keep staff informed and improve the speed and accuracy of operations. This results in timely vessel departures, a streamlined loading process, and enhanced port productivity.

Other Modules:

  • Berth and Schedule Management
  • Manifest Review and Invoice Generation

Transforming Rosslare into Europe’s Smartest Ferry Port

Rosslare Europort, Ireland’s leading port for direct RoPax sailings to Europe, serves over 800,000 passengers and 515,000 tonnes of freight per year. Offering 56 round-trip sailings to the United Kingdom and 36 round-trip sailings to Europe per week, the port is a vital gateway for trade and tourism in the region.

After experiencing a massive increase in traffic since Brexit, Brock Solutions was contracted to digitize and automate the port’s end-to-end processes and create an efficient, customer-centric, and environmentally friendly port through the deployment of SmartPort.

The SmartPort project at Rosslare began in June 2022, with the go-live of Phase 1 occurring in April 2023. To date, Rosslare Europort has realized the following outcomes:

Digitizing the Port Boundary: Brock Solutions has developed a sophisticated common-use port boundary tracking system, marking the first step towards implementing a unified check-in process that enables operators to track the entry and exit of vehicles across various shipping lines. Digitizing this crucial aspect of port operations enhances operational efficiency and ensures a seamless and more accurate monitoring process.

Yard Management and Optimization: Brock Solutions has enhanced yard management at Rosslare Europort through a comprehensive digital inventory of port vehicles, providing vital data for operational and management staff. This digital inventory aids in effective planning and optimization by allowing staff to accurately assess trailer yard capacity. The real-time monitoring feature for trailer dwell time within the yard also facilitates continuous operational improvement, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined yard management process.

Digitized Loading Management: The Digitized Loading Management solution will be available for three initial shipping line operators at Rosslare Europort in early Q1 2024. This system will provide tug master drivers with real-time, updated information, enabling seamless coordination, improved efficiency, and better accuracy in the loading process, helping to improve the turnaround time of vessels.

Digitized Compliance Reporting and Invoicing: SmartPort enables the automatic generation of compliance reports, manifests, and invoicing data. The system also checks and verifies the manifest information from shipping lines and converts it into invoiceable data. This data is then seamlessly integrated into an ERP platform for billing purposes, simplifying the administrative process, and increasing the accuracy of compliance and financial reporting.

Rosslare Wins 2023 Port of the Year!

As a result of these significant investments into the port’s physical infrastructure and digitization program, Rosslare Europort was recently awarded the prestigious Port of the Year Award for 2023 at the Ferry Shipping Summit in Malmo, Sweden.

Why SmartPort, Why Now?

Today’s port operations are facing unprecedented challenges – freight and passenger volumes are increasing, regulatory controls are tightening, and environmental sustainability is a top priority. To stay competitive in freight shipping and passenger travel while working with a transient workforce, port operations must become faster, automated, and more efficient.

Whether your goal is to improve vehicle flow and reduce congestion, enhance security and access control measures, optimize staffing, or increase operational visibility, SmartPort can enable and accelerate the growth of your business by bridging the silos that often impact efficiency and innovation.

Many end-point solutions exist, but few complete the Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax operation. If you want to learn how SmartPort can help you understand your entire operational story, make data-driven decisions, and improve collaboration across multiple stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization, contact us today to schedule a free workshop.

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